STEPHEN I. DIAZ was born in Bacolod City, Philippines.  He grew up following all sorts of pageants, and had even hosted dozens of them while growing up.  His first pageant hosting job was when he was only twelve years old.


Stephen is not just your ordinary pageant follower.  He graduated at the top of his class both during elementary and high school, and was awarded the Philippine Senate Gold Medal for Academic Excellence, Best in Mathematics, as well as a special citation in the field of campus journalism.  In March 2000, he finished his Accountancy degree at the prestigious University of St. La Salle, where he was active in various organizations as well as organizing and hosting campus-based pageants and college night outs.  Before graduating, he topped the Philippine leg of the Monbusho Scholarship Program Exam, which brought him to Tokyo on a full-time scholarship grant by the Japanese government. He finished his Bachelors of Economics degree at Saitama University on March 2005.

While in Japan, his first job as a pageant correspondent was through the online pageant magazine Missosology where he covered the Miss International 2003 pageant.  It was followed two years later with his exclusive reporting of Miss International 2005, where his fellow countryman, Precious Lara Quigaman, had won.  He also continued to cover the 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of the pageant.  On December 2013, he witnessed another victory for his country when Bea Rose Santiago captured the fifth Miss International crown for the Philippines.  Three years later, Kylie Verzosa won the sixth pearl crown for the Philippines.  In fact, Stephen was the one who escorted Kylie to meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his state visit in Tokyo on October 2016.  The photo of Kylie and Pres. Duterte together, which was taken by Stephen, went viral afterwards.

Aside from Miss International, Stephen has covered Miss World 2016, Miss Supranational 2017, and the local Miss Universe Japan, Miss Earth Japan and Miss International Japan beauty pageants.  He has personally met and interacted with several Japanese beauty queens.  He has also interviewed numerous international beauty queens, and has helped them prepare for their respective pageants.  He has been a part of the creative team, and has hosted the Miss Supranational Japan competition since 2016.

In 2018, Stephen became a full-time employee of the International Cultural Association, which produces the annual Miss International Beauty pageant.  Under his mandate, the Miss International Beauty Pageant has managed to break its record number of participants for two straight years.

Currently, Stephen is also one of the main writers and analaysts at Missosology, and is the leader of Missosology Japan.  His predictions of the outcome of the BIG 5 Pageants are well followed by members of the Missosology Forum.


STEPHEN I. DIAZ (ステファン•ディアズ)はフィリピンのバコロド市で生まれました。彼は様々なミス大会を見て育ち、その内いくつかの大会はフィリピンで開催されました。




2000年3月聖ラサール大学会計学部を卒業。在学中には校内でミスコンやいくつものイベントを主催。 大学卒業前に日本の文部科学省が主催する試験を受け、トップの成績で合格。国費留学生として東京にやって来る。2005年3月、埼玉大学経済学部を卒業。

日本に来てから初めての仕事は、Missosologyのためにミス•インターナショナル2003世界大会の取材を行うことでした。 2年後の2005年にはさらに専門的な取材とレポートを行う。





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