Qanamy Workshop aims to provide an avenue for women of all ages to improve their self esteem by enjoying our fun and wholesome beauty workshops that suit their individual needs. You can learn from well-traveled beauty experts who have covered the most prestigious beauty pageants here and abroad, and have helped several successful organizations and international beauty queens in achieving their goals.

Qanamy came from the word kanami which can be represented by the kanji 「叶美」. It means “aiming for beauty”… Yes, we aim for a more beautiful you.  We aim for a more confident you… We aim for a better you.

Qanamy Workshop aspires to bring out the beauty that is already within you. After joining our workshops, we promise your transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly!



「Qanamy」の語源は「かなみ」。漢字で表すと「叶美」となります。これからの美、自分に自信を持ち、そしてあなたがさらに輝くお手伝いをさせていただきます。 特に「カナミ・ワークショップ」ではあなたの中に既にある美しさを取り出すことに力を入れます。



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