Yuki Koshikawa continues the Qanamy legacy at Miss Supranational 2017

Yuki Koshikawa continues the Qanamy legacy at Miss Supranational 2017

Since 2015, Qanamy Workshop has been involved with the preparation of the Japanese delegate at Miss Supranational.  It started with Mieko Takeuchi, who was sent by Stephen Diaz as the acting national director that time, and then followed a year later by Risa Nagashima.  Both beauties entered the semifinals.

This year, Yuki Koshikawa, the sweet lass from Chiba who was introduced to us by Qanamy Girl Erea Taira during the 2016 Autumn Workshop, continued the placement streak of Japan at the annual Big 5 Pageant.


pageant seminar

Yuki Koshikawa (fourth from right) last attended the 2017 Summer Workshop in Saitama.


Yuki and Erea have been friends for a long time.  Both trained in our headquarter in Gyoda City, and have also joined our public workshops when their time permitted so.

In Poland, Yuki stood tall while competing in such a strong batch of Miss Supranational beauties, held on December 1st.  After several rounds of competitions, Yuki classified in the Top 25 with an amazing showmanship and performance.

Yuki is currently the 2018 image model of world-reknowned lingerie maker Triumph and will be passing on her crown to the next Miss Supranational Japan on May 6th.


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