Misaki Hoshi to compete in Malaysia for Miss Tourism International 2017

Misaki Hoshi to compete in Malaysia for Miss Tourism International 2017

Misaki Hoshi’s dream to represent Japan in a prestigious international pageant is about to come true.  This coming November, 25-year-old Misaki will be flying to Malaysia for the 20th Miss Tourism International pageant.  Since its inception, Japan has never placed in this historical pageant, but Misaki is very much determined to put Japan on the pageant map this fall.

Born and raised in Ibaraki, Misaki was new to the pageant world when she applied for Miss Universe Ibaraki 2016.  She did not get the result that she had desired, and flew back to Singapore where she’s been working as a travel writer.  But, that did not stop her from pursuing her dream.

When she joined the Miss Supranational Japan 2017 contest, the road leading to the finals was not smooth either.  Despite being a Qanamy Girl, Misaki failed to place in the Top 8 during the Osaka regionals.  She flew back to Singapore, again, with a broken heart.

After the 24 finalists were revealed, one contestant backed out due to personal reasons.  Misaki was called out to replace the vacated position. She did not even have any second thoughts to accept it.  After being officially proclaimed as the 24th finalist, and was given the Miss Supranational Ibaraki sash, Misaki trained hard for the national finals, which was held in Saitama on May 6th.

Misaki Hoshi during the swimsuit round of Miss Supranational Japan 2017

With her natural charm, voluptuous body that could make any straight men turn their heads, amazing stage presence and intelligence, she won the nod of the judges and was declared 2nd Runner-up!  What a feat for someone who was just a wild card entry prior to the finals.

Misaki is currently training even harder for her stint in Malaysia.  She even flew to Manila for an intensive training, dental treatment and world class photo shoot with the team of Leo Almodal.   With three more months to go before the world gala, Misaki will be giving us more surprises in the days to come!

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