Yuki Sonoda to compete at Miss Asia Pacific International 2017

Yuki Sonoda to compete at Miss Asia Pacific International 2017

Qanamy Workshop is very proud to announce that Yuki Sonoda will be the official representative of Japan at the prestigious Miss Asia Pacific International 2017, to be held in Manila this November.  Standing 168 cm, this aspiring lawyer graduated from one of the top private universities in Japan, Rikkyo University which is located in Tokyo.

Yuki is no stranger to pageantry.  She was 1st Runner-up at Miss Supranational Japan 2016 and a finalist at Miss World Japan 2015.  When we first met her last year, she actually reminded us of Precious Lara Quigaman, who became the fourth Filipina to win the Miss International crown back in 2005.  That came as no surprise because Yuki’s mom is actually from the Philippines!

The very humble Yuki was quick to admit that she entered the world of pageantry with an immature understanding of how the industry works.  Her past experiences have actually made her stronger and wiser, and with the help of Qanamy Workshop, she is now more prepared than ever!

“When I joined Miss World Japan 2015, I was so naive to believe that I could win it fairly,” she said in one of our casual conversations.  Unfortunately, despite her outstanding talent performance, impeccable interview and English speaking skills, as well as social media influence, she was not included in the Top 10.  The 2015 contest was marred by controversy and disbelief, which left Yuki traumatized.  “After that experience, I thought I would not be doing any pageant again,” she added.

Through a mutual friend, we got the chance to know Yuki.  So last year, we encouraged her to try Miss Supranational Japan for the sake of experience, and she willingly accepted the challenge.  After all, her real aim at that time was to become Miss Universe.  When she almost won the crown, she thought that she could have gone further and achieved a better result.  She also won two special awards, Miss Elegance and Best in Social Media, which served as proof of her popularity.

After her stint at Miss Supranational Japan, Yuki also flirted with the idea of trying out for Bb. Pilipinas.  However, her citizenship was an issue.  BPCI only accepts contestants with Filipino citizenship and must be a Philippine passport holder.  Now that she is over 20, Yuki can only have one citizenship under Japanese law.

Being a bonafide Japanese citizen, Yuki has been scouted several times to represent Japan in some unknown pageants.  She rejected most of them.  In fact, she was asked by Qanamy Workshop to represent Japan last year at this same contest, but because of her studies she refused the offer.  Now that she has already finished her law studies, she is more ready than ever to become the first Japanese to win the Miss Asia Pacific Quest, which has now expanded its scope to all countries of the world.

Being the first Japanese with Filipino blood to compete in an international beauty pageant with a very rich history, Yuki Sonoda is excited to bring pride and honor as she leaves for Manila this autumn!




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