Yuika Tsutsumi to compete in Ecuador for Miss United Continents 2017

Yuika Tsutsumi to compete in Ecuador for Miss United Continents 2017



Truly, it pays off to be a Qanamy Girl!

For several years, Yuika Tsutsumi has tried in several local beauty pageants in Japan but never got the recognition that she deserved.  From the very beginning, we at Qanamy have seen the potential of Yuika.  However, we never got the chance to train and coach her effectively because she was busy with work and swimming competitions.

Last June, Yuika joined our workshop for the very first time despite knowing her for more than one year!  Being officially a part of the growing Qanamy Family, Yuika finally got the chance to know the real essence of pageants. We don’t waste any time and words during our workshop.  No matter how hard the truth is, our girls will hear constructive criticisms directly from our resident coach, Stephen Diaz, who has already proven his worth in local and international pageantry.  As one of the Top 10 at Miss Supranational Japan 2017 contest, Yuika was appointed by Stephen as the official delegate of Japan in the prestigious annual pageant.

Stephen was responsible for the victory of Yuri Uchida in Reina International del Cafe 2015, as well as numerous placements in prestigious pageants such as Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International.  Countries with no sash weight, such as Mongolia and Hungary, had also benefited from the sharp judgment and strategic thinking of Stephen.  Last year, two of his protegees made it to the Top 20 and Top 11 in Miss World 2016.

Now, it is the time for Yuika to shine.  As a professional bank employee and a competitive swimmer, she will now face a bigger challenge of winning Japan’s first crown, or a humbling Top 6 placement at Miss United Continents.  But, just like a soldier who is sent to a war zone, it is not that easy to compete without proper plan of action.

Every moment matters.  Every make-up matters.  Every hairstyle matters.  Every pose matters.  Every wardrobe matters.  Every word that comes out of your mouth matters.  This is where Qanamy – our pageant strategy and coaching – comes into the picture!

Miss United Continents 2017 will be held on September 23rd in Guayaquil, Ecuador and we wish Yuika the best of luck!


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