Qanamy Girls at Miss World 2016

Qanamy Girls at Miss World 2016

Miss World 2016 was held at the MGM Theater in Maryland, USA on December 18.  But did you know that two Qanamy Girls actually competed against more than 120 delegates from around the world?

Priyanka Yoshikawa became Japan’s first quarterfinalist – she made it to the Top 20 – since the new license holder took the Miss World franchise from the International Cultural Association (ICA), producer of Miss International.  It must be pointed out that Priyanka was never a qualifier in any of the challenge events, but she still managed to place and earn points to qualify,  using her natural beauty, charm and intelligence.  What propelled her to be part of the Top 20 was her impeccable interview skills.  Prior to the personality interview, Priyanka and Qanamy Workshop owner Stephen Diaz were chatting via LINE in order to make sure what sort of answers to say and which ones to avoid.  Despite all the odds, Priyanka made it to the quarterfinals, although we personally believe that she could gone further with more intensive preparation and support from her national organization.


Our second Qanamy Girl was Bayartsetseg Altangerel, from Mongolia.  As Miss World Mongolia 2015 1st Runner-up, Bayartsetseg, or Bela for short, was appointed by her national organization to compete at the Miss World pageant.  With only a few weeks to prepare, Bela got her team mobilized in Mongolia to prepare for the competition, as well as her international connections which included Steven Seagal.  During the pageant night, she was adjudged Miss World Talent winner, which automatically put her in the Top 20, and her fans voted for her as the People’s Choice, which further put her in the Top 11.   Bela made history as the first Mongolian to ever speak on stage during the Top 11 interview portion.


Miss World 2016 was won by Stephanie Del Valle Diaz of Puerto Rico.

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