Qanamy Girls dominate Miss Grand Japan 2016

Qanamy Girls dominate Miss Grand Japan 2016

Last May, Qanamy Workshop was commissioned to train the finalists of Miss Supranational Japan 2016 where each of the girls received specially modified techniques and skills that would help them in future pageants, should they choose to compete again.

At this year’s Miss Grand Japan 2016, five former Miss Supranational Japan finalists – armed with the Qanamy training and skills that can never be learned somewhere else – made a strong impact at the grand finals held in Shinjuku last September 11th.

All five of them made it to the Top 10!

  • Natsuki Suzuki – Top 10
  • Yurika Watanabe – Top 5
  • Riri Yoshida – 2nd Runner-up and Miss Friendship
  • Elea Taira – 1st Runner-up
  • Ayaka Sato – Winner

Among the five, Elea Taira has been active in most of the Qanamy Workshops and she even became the mentor of Ayaka Sato during the beauty camp.  Who would have thought that the two of them would be the last two standing?

If you want to become the next Qanamy Girl in beauty pageants, you may contact us at!

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